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[31 Mar 2005|07:06pm]

1. Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin
2. Favorite Song: Up for Breakfast- Van Halen
3. Favorite Musician: Jimmy Page- i want his bellbottoms
4. Favorite Instrument: Guitar yeah i have 2! going on 3
5. Favorite Effect: Live Effect "awesome"

[27 Mar 2005|09:36pm]

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1. Favorite Band: The Ramones
2. Favorite Song: At the moment, it's "Let It Be"- The Beatles
3. Favorite Musician: Hmm... I'd have to say Johnny Ramone, if that counts.
4. Favorite Instrument: Guitar
5. Favorite Effect: Wah-Wah

Welcome! [21 Dec 2004|10:43am]


Hey! Welcome to the All About Rock community! I hope you enjoy talking and sharing to other member. I am the creator. You can call me Hayden. If you want to check my journal, it is blackdog_zep . And if you have anymore questions...please IM me at FireofDarkness44. Thanks and enjoy!


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